Coaching and Awareness for Children and Parents

Coaching and awareness for children and parents

Michelle from Find Your Spark has over twenty years of experience of working with children and young people, first within schools and then privately.  Her coaching psychology Masters qualification enables her to coach in a professional way and she has her level 2 safeguarding certificate as well as a self-harm and suicide prevention certificate so you can be sure that your child will be in safe hands.  Her ADHD diagnosis means she understands the ADHD brain from lived experience.

Children and young people with ADHD tend to be low in confidence and get bored easily.  They find themselves getting distracted easily, emotionally dysregulated with friendship issues.  

This is where having an ADHD coach is helpful to boost their confidence giving them awareness of their strengths and how ADHD works, developing morning and evening routines, keeping them on track so they meet their academic potential and being their cheerleader to celebrate their success.  In addition, and as part of the contract with your child, we recommend parents attend the ADHD Awareness and/or the Let’s talk about Neurodiversity training session.  As part of the package, you will receive this at a reduced rate.  If you really want to make a difference for your child, the most effective way to make a change is for parents to also learn about the condition.  

If this sounds like something you and your child would benefit from having, please complete this enquiry form and we will aim to contact you within 24-28 hours to book in your FREE 20-minute phone call.

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