What attendees from our groups say

The training is well structured and useful.

A wonderful, supportive, sharing environment.

Really great energy and warmth and friendly group atmosphere. So positive! Thank you!

I liked that the group is small and you are able to chat if you wanted to. Most of all listening to other experiences.

The session was brilliant. Michelle is a superstar and I am extremely grateful for the group, it is life-changing for me.

What our clients say

N, parent, Colchester, 2023

A big thank you for all your help with M. It was so appreciated when you attended the school meeting with me.

Thank you so much. I really valued having someone to talk to who didn’t judge me. I felt understood and didn’t find it at all awkward.

D, parent, Colchester, 2022

I am extremely grateful to have found Michelle. We have benefited greatly as a family from the work we have done together.

Michelle was very friendly and came across as much. She was patient and kind at a very emotional time in mine and my family’s life.

C, ADHD adult, online, 2022

It helped me to understand the real questions I was raising, not the ones I thought I was asking. Michelle is very perceptive, able to use exercises to demonstrate the why of behaviours.

M, parent, Colchester, 2023

I felt Michelle was very approachable and I liked that she also has ADHD so she would understand my daughter. P has enjoyed every session and has looked forward to each one. She has come away with new ways to help her and I have too. Very relaxed, friendly, welcoming and professional

S, Parent, Colchester, 2023

My daughter is calmer, happier and more able to cope with the challenges of school and relationships. She instantly clicked with Michelle, felt safe and able to share her struggles. She feels listened to and is learning strategies to manage overwhelming situations and is more motivated at school. She is growing in confidence and it is hugely reassuring as a parent to know she has the support she needs to help meet her true potential, remain safe and find happiness in life. Michelle is so easy to work with. She provides regular feedback, is warm and clearly cares about what she does.

ADHD Awareness for organisations

Being open and transparent with my leader and team so they'll understand why I do things the way I do.

I have a better understanding of how my ADHD affects me and how I can start heading in a better direction. I learned more about what support is out there. And I learned how it can be a benefit.

I will speak up about my preferred method of communication, be more accommodating of other's methods, and continue with hourly screen breaks.

Be aware of ADHD. Look for ways to support colleagues and clients. Ask questions to understand more and adjust accordingly.

Knowing this is normal. Knowing more about how my brain works. Knowing more about how others brains work.

This was a great refresher; I have a son who was diagnosed as a child and struggles as an adult. This will allow me to have a more informed conversation with him.

Classifications of different types of ADHD, ways of supporting, considerations.

ADHD isn't a bad thing. Work to your strengths and not your weakness. Being flexible to people's needs. Now that I'm more informed, I will look at things from a different perspective.

Traits of ADHD being small things like forgetfulness or overtaking. The ADHD traits shared generally seem to fit well with our organisation’s culture/behaviours.

Parents - MAZE Groups

I found my first meeting really beneficial and a group/support like this is in my humble opinion far better use of NHS funds than the CBT course I was offered on the back of my diagnosis last year. The therapist allocated to me had no understanding whatsoever of even the fundamentals of ASD, thus I was deterred from seeking any futher support until joining this group. You ladies have ‘living experience’ which is priceless.

On our WhatsApp group we are all in agreement that you came across really well. Really hope that you might be able to share your knowledge with us again in future and also how you came to a decision about seeking your own ADHD diagnosis.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing this group, I have found nothing out there and no direction to go in to help me help myself and in turn, understanding my own needs can only me a better parent to my neurodiverse children.

Parents - Anger Management

E, parent, Witham, 2019.

I have noticed such a change in my boy after he had these sessions. He is much more helpful, kinder, grateful and much calmer than he was previously. He is now like an angel!

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