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One-to-one ADHD Coaching and Awareness for adults

ADHD Coaching is practical support that works collaboratively with ADHD clients to address specific executive function goals they may struggle with such as focus, prioritisation, time management and motivation.

Coaching builds empowerment, bravery, confidence, authenticity, and acceptance with the realisation that you are not broken needing to be fixed, just different needing to be understood. Differences are there to be embraced!!

One-to-one Coaching and Awareness for Children and Parents

Children and young people with ADHD tend to be low in confidence and get bored easily.  They find themselves getting distracted, emotionally dysregulated, and typically have friendship issues.  

This is where having an ADHD coach is helpful to boost their confidence and give them awareness of their strengths and how ADHD works.  Coaching will help them develop morning and evening routines, keep them on track so they meet their academic potential and be their cheerleader to celebrate their success.

ADHD Awareness Groups for Adults (18 plus)

To raise awareness and acceptance of the still misunderstood condition of ADHD in a group setting as well as increase your confidence and knowledge when speaking about it.

ADHD Awareness for Parents

To raise awareness and acceptance of the still misunderstood condition of ADHD as well as confidence and knowledge when speaking about it with your child, family, or child’s school.

Coaching Groups for ADHD Teens

Coming soon…

Coaching Groups for ADHD Adults

Coming soon…

ADHD Awareness for Schools

Coming soon…

ADHD Awareness for Organisations

Training delivered online or in person for organisations to support their staff diagnosed with ADHD and raise awareness and acceptance of the still misunderstood and stigmatised condition of ADHD.

Let’s Talk About Neurodiversity

This course is for anyone with an ADHD and/or any other neurodivergent diagnosis, recent or otherwise or for a parent, family member or interested person who would like to know more about the misunderstood and stigmatised condition of ADHD as well as other neurodivergent conditions such as autism and sensory processing disorder.


Support assistant in Essex School

I enjoyed the sessions and believe it was really helpful to the students. I would love for it to be run again and further support to be offered to this group.

Parent of ADHD child

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing this group... understanding my own needs can only make me a better parent to my neurodiverse children.

ADHD coaching client (child) via parent

He feels more confident and is able to talk aloud more in front of others. Its helped with his anger and he feels calmer and is able to sit down for longer.

ADHD coaching client

It's such a scary time going through the ADHD process...It's so much easier knowing you have people around you who have been through this before and who want to help.

Find Your Spark helps people understand and accept ADHD. This may apply to overwhelmed adults with ADHD, young people as well as their parents. We also support organisations and schools.

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