ADHD Coaching Service


Helping stressed, angry, anxious adults, parents and children who may be self harming overcome their ADHD challenges.

We solve this via the following:

SOme of Our great Testimonials

I enjoyed the sessions and believe it was really helpful to the students. I would love for it to be run again and further support to be offered to this group.

Support assistant in Essex School

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing this group... understanding my own needs can only make me a better parent to my neurodiverse children.

Parent of ADHD child

He feels more confident and is able to talk aloud more in front of others. Its helped with his anger and he feels calmer and is able to sit down for longer.

ADHD coaching client (child) via parent

It's such a scary time going through the ADHD process...It's so much easier knowing you have people around you who have been through this before and who want to help.

ADHD coaching client

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