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About Us

Find Your Spark helps... adults, parents and young people who are feeling stressed and want to accept and understand ADHD better.


We help to ease and validate  your experience and  overcome any challenges.


We solve this by one to one ADHD Coaching, ADHD Awareness sessions and BRIEF therapy.

BRIEF Therapy is as the name suggests, BRIEF, so we recommend a minimum of 5 sessions of this to see a difference.

Outcomes of Brief  Therapy include:

  • Improved  relationships

  • Improved parenting capacity and family functioning

  • Parent – child conflicts reduced

  • Improved quality of life

  • Significant effect on physical health and behaviour

  • reduces intensity of negative

  • improves mental health



We deliver  coaching and ADHD coaching to parents, adults and young people one to one and in groups.

Register for our professional ADHD Coaching session.  Super Early Bird till 31st July.

ADHD Awareness Group Tickets, Tue 26 Sep 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

Come join us to identify ADHD strengths, develop effective coping skills and set realistic goals.  We are also planning to deliver these sessions online.

Plus, register for our next professional neurodivergent session on 20th August in Essex specifically for parents.

Supporting your Neurodiverse Child Tickets, Sun 20 Aug 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

This is a supportive space to explore parenting challenges.

Listen to Michelle speak on BBC Essex on this topic via our Resources page.

Outcomes of ADHD coaching and coaching include:

  • improvement of emotional regulation

  • improved relationships

  • identification of strengths and goals

  • increased positive emotion

  • finding purpose and meaning to their lives

We recommend a minimum of eight coaching sessions and twelve for ADHD coaching.

Parent testimonial:

“my daughter has definitely benefited from the sessions and it’s important to keep up with it”

Find out more about our Coaching here

Find out more about ADHD Coaching here


We also deliver Anger Coping Skills Programme for children either one to one or in a group.  This is more intensive and based on a programme of twelve sessions whereby you will then see results. 

More About Us


Find Your Spark (Social Enterprise) was founded in 2012 by Michelle, who had five years experience working with young people within schools by this point.

Find Your Spark means finding your passion, what ignites you to get up every morning excited about the day ahead.

Michelle went on to study Coaching Psychology and Career Coaching at Masters level so that Find Your Spark could deliver positive coaching psychology programmes and career coaching.  It was then set up as a Social Enterprise in December 2014 following funding from Investec/Beyond Business.  As a Social Enterprise, the majority of the profits made are reinvested into the company.

in 2015 Find Your Spark moved to Colchester and begun working with education professionals and parents delivering trainings in mental health awareness and resilience as well as secondary school children. 

As of 2019, Find Your Spark primarily works with children up to 12 years old and parents.


Previous Experience

Organisations worked with include:

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  • Think Forward (Highbury & Bridge Academy School in Hackney & Mulberry School, Tower Hamlets)
  • Stoke Newington School, Hackney   

Funders, supporters, commissioners & memberships

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