ADHD Awareness for Organisations

TOPIC: ADHD Awareness for Organisations

Delivered by Michelle Shavdia, founder of Find Your Spark who is an ADHD coach, following her late diagnosis of ADHD at 37 and with a Masters in Coaching Psychology.

REALITY: Outline and agenda:

This evidence-based ADHD awareness session will raise awareness, acceptance and break down the stigma of this still misunderstood condition, ADHD.  It will briefly cover over 1 – 2 hours:

  • Why is it important to talk about ADHD and break down the stigma of disclosing this disability?
  • Background and timeline of ADHD
  • ADHD symptoms
  • Challenges of the condition
  • Strengths of the condition and how to communicate the strengths you bring to the workplace.
  • What does this look like in the workplace and what are the unique experiences?
  • ADHD coping skills and tools
  • What are reasonable adjustments at work?
  • How can employers support those with ADHD and make the workplace more inclusive?

Options: Further group and one to one support and training can be provided subsequently.

WRAP UP: Please complete this expression of interest form if you would like Michelle to come and train and support your staff.


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