One-to-one coaching and awareness

ADHD coaching and awareness 

ADHD impacts the working memory, emotional regulation, and executive function of our brains. This means that those with ADHD have issues in things such as impulsivity, planning and organisation. 

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition, not a mental health condition as some people assume.  However, ADHD can lead to mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression if it is not supported suitably.

What helps someone with ADHD is being able to borrow the executive function of another person, which is where coaching and psychoeducation and training comes in.

ADHD Coaching is practical support that works collaboratively with ADHD clients to address specific executive function goals they may struggle with such as focus, impulsivity and motivation.

ADHD medication is helpful for the majority of those with ADHD and we do suggest trying to see whether it works for you as can really help with emotional regulation.  Ensure you do this safely as these are very strong, controlled drugs so need to do this with your doctor and psychiatrist so you get the dosage correct within titration.  Also, do your own research, so you are well informed before you make the decision.

ADHD medication, however, doesn’t give you skills, support and understanding, which is where coaching steps in.  This is done through a specific lens with understanding with accountability. 

Coaching helps those with ADHD understand themselves better plus gives strategies that work best for their ADHD brain. Most coaching and therapy strategies are often not as effective for those with ADHD as they have been created with the neurotypical brain in mind and are much more cognitive in nature.  ADHD brains work better with strategies that are more emotion based as is having someone who has ADHD themselves so understands the lived experience.  This is key in our opinion.

The impact of ADHD can mean that our strengths are undiscovered. Within coaching we will find out what they are and use them to tackle the challenges you face as well as boosting what you’re best at.  You are the best expert of your life so we will always go by what you tell us will work best.

Coaching builds empowerment, bravery, confidence, authenticity, and acceptance with the realisation that you do not need to be fixed.  You are just different needing to be understood. 

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