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The Team

Michelle Shavdia

Founder/ADHD Coaching Psychologist
MSc (Dist.), BSc (Hons)

Feeling dismissed? Frustrated? Misunderstood?  Not knowing which way to turn?  Then Michelle may be able to help you.

Michelle set up Find Your Spark initially to support at-risk young people because she herself was a lost at-risk young person so understood some of the challenges these young people were experiencing.

Since then, Find Your Spark has evolved to support parents, professionals and adults with ADHD.

This is because Michelle was late diagnosed with ADHD at 37 years old.

Up to that point, ADHD had never been suggested to her so she lived 37 years not realising and knowing this was why she was so different to her peers and finding things so much more difficult.  You may resonate this yourself.

Prior to getting her diagnosis and then again  subsequently, Michelle realised there was not a lot of support available to adults with ADHD so created an ADHD Awareness support session for this very reason.  She additionally delivers a monthly ADHD coaching self care group with her colleague. 

Further to her Coaching Psychology Masters, she also offers ADHD coaching to adults, parents and young people to help them navigate a neurotypical world and system that is not set up to accommodate an ADHD brain.  This is her passion now, to help people with these challenges.

Dr Aimee Swithenbank

Educational Psychologist (BSc Hons, DECPsy)

Aimee is an Educational Psychologist (EP), and as such she is trained to apply psychology to support the learning and wellbeing of children and young people (from birth through to 25 years).

Jamie Shavdia

MSc (CBT), PGDip (Mindfulness - Dist), BSc (Psych), BSc (Econ), Cert.HealthSci (OU), D.Hyp, PDC.Hyp, PDCB.Hyp (Dist). Prof. Memberships - MBSCH, MAREBT, MMA

His work integrates cognitive, behavioural, hypno-therapeutic imagery and mindfulness-based psychology.  He works mostly with adult clients on either a 1-1 or group therapy basis. This occurs mostly in private practice in Colchester (Essex), however he has also worked in various other forums, including; an NHS IAPT service as a high-intensity therapist for four years; several university psychological services (eight years) and increasingly with employee development/wellness training within private organisations.


Amanda Towns

Administration assistant

Amanda has over 25 years of secretarial and PA experience, both in the private and public sector.  She has provided executive support for large banks and law firms in London, and now works for a range of SMEs assisting them with various admin tasks. 

Denise Carroll

Denise Carroll

Strategy & Programme Development Consultant

Denise has obtained a BA in Behavioural Science; Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE); NLP Practitioner; and in more recent years studied Personal Performance Coaching and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Marley, our Essex therapy dog
Introducing our Essex therapy dog, Marley. We also have two cats who you are able to meet if coming to the house. Let us know if you would like to...or not!!!