We are excited to announce that we will be running our successful course “How to navigate the SEND system” again.

The new course is starting on Thursday 20th May from 1-2pm via Zoom.  Places cost £35 per family and booking is via the MAZE website here: https://www.themazegroup.co.uk/product/how-to-navigate-the-send-system-in-uncertain-times-april-2021/

The course will include:

An explanation of how the SEND system works:

How to have difficult conversations:

Practical strategies and “mindset” coaching

The course begins via Zoom on Thursday 20th May 2021 from 1-2pm and then every Thursday up to and including 8th July.

Cost = £35        Only 15 places available

Here is what previous parents had to say about what they gained from this course:

“I learned how to have a collaborative meeting and approach it calmly.”

“I am the expert on my child.”

“I have learned that there’s a lot of psychology involved in dealing with official people – try not to let confirmation bias reappear & I mustn’t give away my power!”

“I am more confident with professionals supporting my child.”

“I feel confident with the Annual Review process and now I need to get an effective One Plan review behind me. I’ve now got a great template, so I’ll be studying that when the time comes.”

“I think your course could help so many people. I have tried to keep myself well informed, but your course has changed my perspective on how I use that knowledge.”

There is a short video to explain this course further via this link:



We hope that you will join us for an essential learning journey on how to get the best SEND support for your child.

Sue and Michelle.