We have now finished our first parent cohort who received x4 sessions BRIEF Solution Focused Therapy. 

Here is what they had to say about they gained from the service:

It’s been so useful, michelle is amazing and has helped me so much to feel better and increase my confidence.

I have just completed a parenting course with Michelle who I found to be engaging, motivational and a superb practitioner. The course was user friendly and enjoyable. I have learnt lots of new parenting strategies and now feel more confident moving forwards. I highly recommend this course to any parent. No matter what your parenting style is you will learn something about yourself and your family. Thank you Michelle.

Since having my sessions with Michelle I’ve seen a great improvement in my relationship with my daughter, and also feel much happier and more settled in myself. These sessions have equipped me to handle more challenging situations in the future. I would definitely recommend Michelle to others who may be finding their parent-child relationship strained or challenging.

This course was recommended to me by my son’s counsellor and it could not have come at a better time for us as a family. We have been through a difficult few weeks and Michelle’s sensitive and non-judgmental support has been invaluable.  I have learnt things about myself and about my parenting doing this work and my scores were dramatically improved by the end of the 4 sessions. This is a great short course with visible results. Thanks Michelle, I really appreciated this course and feel much more positive as a result of your wise and gentle support.