What are the positives of having ADHD? Living in a neurotypical world when you are not a neurotypical girl series.

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Following on from Sam Thompson winning ITV’s ‘Celebrity Get me out of Here’, where he was praised for shining a light on his ADHD, this article will explore the positives of having ADHD. Sam Thompson shared with Marvin and Josie Gibson, saying how he was ‘not ashamed’ of the condition and that he hopes by talking about it, it can raise awareness.

I, Michelle Shavdia, 39 years old, am on a mission to also raise awareness into this still misunderstood and stigmatised condition of ADHD, breaking it down one myth at a time.

One of the biggest misconceptions about having ADHD is that the condition itself is negative and that having it makes you a mad, bad, lazy, crazy, evil person.  As shown by Sam Thompson so beautifully whilst he was in the Australian jungle, this could not be further from the truth.  Sam Thompson demonstrated to the public all the positives of having ADHD.  Being charming, engaging, entertaining, fun, excitable, enthusiastic, with a can-do attitude and positive energy.  Yes, he may have forgotten to do some things such as keep an eye on the rice (I blame Nigel for this to be honest), not been able to take in instructions and may have been ‘messy’ however the positives far outweigh these things.

It breaks my heart when I hear children and young people say that they ‘hate having ADHD’ and that there is ‘something wrong with them/their brain.’  There is nothing wrong with them, their brain is just wired differently and it now my mission to help spread this message and reduce the stigma and discrimination those with ADHD feel based on the misconceptions people have.

I now specialise in the condition of ADHD as an ADHD coach and am supporting those with and without ADHD one to one and in groups so they can manage living in a neurotypical world better.  I understand just how difficult it can be to live in a world that is not set up for your brain and way of being and the problems that come with that.  ADHD coaching is practical intervention that specifically targets ADHD executive function issues and working memory and emotional regulation issues.  These include supporting planning, time management, decision making and organisation.  ADHD coaching is also useful to help those with ADHD understand their brains better.

If you would like to learn more about ADHD, what it is and how best to manage it, get in touch by email or phone.  I offer a free 20-minute phone call which you can book via amanda@findyourspark.co.uk and then there are many options, the main ones being:

  • One to one ADHD coaching, which we can deliver online or in person.
  • ADHD Awareness group, next one is on 30th January 7-9 pm and is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE FOR £40 till 31st December and £60 BUY GET ONE FREE thereafter.

Come join us to learn how to cope with ADHD and learn skills and strategies that works for you in all areas of your life as part of a supportive group of likeminded, non-judgemental people.  This is for those who are diagnosed, awaiting diagnosis or simply curious as well as for family members who would like to know how best to support their loved one with ADHD.

Further details can be found at www.findyourspark.co.uk and @FindYourSparkADHD on Instagram or @FindYourSpark on Facebook. 

We look forward to hearing from and meeting you in due course!!!

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