Career coaching and work experience


Often young people find themselves with no direction or awareness of the strengths they possess. This leads them to feeling stuck and de-motivated.  

Find your Spark’s career coaching programme helps young people explore their options in order to clarify their goals and the steps they need to implement in order to get there.  

Career coaching outcomes:

  • Increased motivation to sort out their futures
  • Identify and reflect on their talents, skills, values, strengths and passions
  • Increased self belief in their abilities 
  • Gain skills in areas that are not their strengths
  • Awareness of the job market and what is required

Who this is for:

  • 11-25 year olds who are unsure of their career path and need help exploring the options
  • 11-25 year olds who know what they want to do but do not know how to get there
  • 11-25 year olds who are lacking motivation or confidence in their abilities
  • 11-25 year olds who are unaware of their strengths 

Find Your Spark uses the Planned Happenstance career coaching theory and a variety of different career coaching approaches namely the Grow Model, the Careers Interview and Appreciative Coaching dependent on the coachee’s needs.  This will have been assessed during the initial assessment.

One to one career coaching is ideally delivered across nine 60 minute sessions.  Bespoke group workshops can be arranged on request such as CV writing, presentation skills, first impressions and body language.

NEW – It is now possible for the career coaching programme to culminate in a work experience placement tailor fit for each individual based on what was identified through the coaching

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