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‘Michelle’s Resilience course is by far the best course I have ever done, both personally and professionally. I’ve actually completed it twice…  What I didn’t expect was to spend the day reflecting on my own resilience and coming away with a plethora of tips not only
for my child but myself.’ (full Testimonial here)

‘Thank you so much for the ‘Developing your resilience’ course.  I may not have said much but I absorbed a lot.  It made so much sense to me on a personal level, resonated so much and made me realise why I am the person I am today.  I also realised how much resilience I actually have and have used in the past.  So michelle from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much and I may as well come back again!’ Parent, 2017

‘Thanks for a great day.  I am going to signpost young people, schools and families to your service as a result of this training.  It was a good mix of practical thought, teaching and discussion within the group of useful and positive topics.  I enjoyed the feeling it gave and the confidence and calming thoughts it provoked.  I definitely felt relaxed and it was just the tonic I needed after a difficult week.’  Professional, 2017


‘Working with Michelle built my confidence, made me love and be more appreciative of myself all of which led to me starting up a business and winning a competition and grant!’ Parent, 2017 (previously unemployed)

‘The career coaching really helped me with my confidence which led to me getting a job and making some friends in the process.’ Parent, 2017 (previously unemployed).



Michelle has a natural gift for engaging an audience. Friendly and confident, she spoke from the heart and provided a speech for our ceremony that we know our graduates will remember. Michelle is lovely to work with and we felt very lucky to have her on our stage. Michelle GILL

Thank you so much for yesterday evening.  It was a really successful event for the school and you certainly contributed to that brilliantly. Many staff, students and parents commented on the effectiveness of your speech and without even really knowing the school, you managed to project a warmth and a connection that really matched the feel of the evening. Judith Jackson, Assistant Headteacher, Marshalls Park School, Havering, Essex, November 2014

Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our award ceremony. We had many positive responses from pupils and parents alike who thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  It is rare that we can locate a strong and resourceful female as a role model for our pupils. Many thanks again for coming out to visit us. Jenny Oliver, Cleeves Park School, Bexley, July 2014

Thank you once again from all of us here for your fabulous presentation at The Malling School last night. It was pitched just right for our audience. Sue Ricketts, Marketing, Communication and Development Manager, The Malling Holmesdale Federation, Kent, November 2012


Michelle is blossoming as a speaker and it’s a joy to see. She has an engaging story which makes you want to listen intently and learn from her as she has much to offer. I look forward to hearing her speak again in the future and she has much that young people will definitely be able to relate to. Heather Waring, Member of Professionals Speakers Association and Director of Waring Well Ltd.

Michelle is a genuine role model to young women everywhere. Her story has take-away value, it inspires, and humbles, whilst driving you to action. Skillful delivery, professional manner and a sincere desire to help others! Book her! David Hyner, Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and Director of Stretch Development Ltd.

Young People

Six week Resilience coaching programme

Being on the coaching programme has resulted in me being much happier and liking school more. I care about my work more and put more effort in because I now know what I want to do with my life and where I want to be in a couple of years time.

Being part of this programme helped to motivate me, set some goals and ambitions and deal with difficult situations much better. A & M, Hackney. June 2014

Career coaching

The career coaching experience has made me realise my strengths and weaknesses, it has provided me with so many different ways of communicating and also has motivated me to never give up chasing my dreams. If it wasn’t for the career coaching sessions I wouldn’t be doing what I enjoy doing right now, it has really helped me with my struggles. R & F, Tower Hamlets. December 2014


I just wanted to say thank you to Michelle as she was key for me to make something of my life. If it was not for her, I would not be where I am today so thank you. Muhi, Tower Hamlets, April 2015

HWorking with Michelle has turned my life around from the lowest point to the highest point of my life – I don’t think I could have done it without her and all the strategies.  Knowing I had her to talk to gave me confidence as I felt relaxed and comfortable to let it all out and tell her things that I couldn’t talk to anyone else about. H, 16 years old, Newham. August 2013

JMichelle helped build my confidence and helped me with family problems. She is the reason I am standing here today and the reason I am the woman I am now. J,17 years old, Newvic College, Newham. August 2013

MThank you for all your help. I’m glad I had the chance to meet you as you have always been there for me and in the last six months I’ve had a confidence boost through talking to you and you have been there when I’ve needed someone to talk to. You have been great support when I’ve needed it and I really appreciate it. M, 15 years old, Newham. August 2013

Professional Speaking

ChanteeWatching Michelle speak really inspired me. It was inspiring to see someone who has gone through so much and has now made something of their life and is giving back. A really interesting speech! Chantee, 17, Newham


JessyMichelle is passionate about coaching, this came across consistently in her delivery of our workshop and was adept at managing a group of staff with varied roles and positions of responsibility within the University. Jess Young HR Project Manager University of East London Dec 2014



Michelle worked with my 13 year old step-daughter who was struggling with her home and school life. Michelle instantly built trust with my step-daughter and helped in building my step-daughter’s confidence and identifying her strengths. She also helped my step-daughter to have more honest conversations and with strategies to build better relationships. Michelle is a caring and skilled coach. Candy Jannetta, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

Find Your Future Project For Unemployed Mums – delivered in partnership with Thurrock Council and the DWP

I am so glad my work coach told me about Find Your Future.  It has changed my life! Before I attended the course I felt worthless, that I wasn’t good enough because I am a single mum on benefits.  Now being part of the course, I feel like I could achieve all my dreams and much more.  My confidence levels now are completely amazing.  Find Your Future has helped me realise my strengths.  I can not thank Michelle and Teresa enough.  Once a week at Find Your Future is like having a second little family and the upliftment still continues. Rebecca Page

I would recommend this course to others.  I gained more self confidence and group support.  This course opened my eyes to different opportunities available. Billie Scutt

This course was the best and has helped me 100%When the job centre told me to join I was like, yeah ok and even said to myself, im not going to go.  I came feeling low and now I feel over the moon.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve something in life. Hannah Darken

This course has really helped open my eyes to opportunities that are available.  It allowed me to push myself and do things that I didn’t think I could. I am looking forward and trying to stay focused with my business idea and just need help with marketing and advertising it going forward. Rebecca Major

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