Developing your Resilience and Mental Wellbeing

Aim: To provide young people with resilience and wellbeing skills using appreciative coaching questions and positive psychology interventions such as gratitude and strengths activities.

Appreciative coaching focuses on what has and is working in your professional and personal lives and is designed to capitalise on an individual’s strengths to generate future positive changes.

Useful for: At risk young people within schools/youth work/charity settings.

Working time: To fit timetable of school but ideally once a week across six weeks

Principal Activities:

Principal Outcomes:

Confidentiality: Find Your Spark will not disclose any information to a third party without prior appraisal from attendees.

The ‘Resilience and Wellbeing’ Programme is evidence based with proven effectiveness (research published in March 2016 in the International Coaching Psychology Review).

This programme is suitable to be delivered as an after school programme, within PSHE as it is aligned to the three PSHE core themes of:

1. Health & Wellbeing

2. Relationships

3. Living in the wider world.

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We deliver this programme in Essex and London.

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