Find Your Spark delivers training to groups of young people as well as parents and professionals within charity, corporate and educational organisations.


For Parents – starting from £60 pp – discounts for people on low income

For professionals/organisations – Starting from £120 – discounts for group bookings

Upcoming Training

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Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Professionals

This is a practical day’s training where you will learn the coaching theory, tools, techniques and skills needed to deliver basic coaching.  The model used to demonstrate a coaching conversation will be the GROW model. You will have the opportunity to practice coaching for yourself.  This enables you to experience coaching before you implement it. You will also learn some positive psychology interventions which you can choose to apply to your personal and/or professional lives.

Advanced Coaching Skills

This is a follow on from the first Coaching Skills training and provides a forum for past participants to feedback how they found delivering the coaching and any issues that arose. New coaching theory, tools and techniques will be learnt as well as a new model (Appreciative Coaching). Again there will be a chance to practice the skills learnt before ending with some further learning’s of positive psychology interventions.

Coaching Skills for young peopletraining pic

A practical half day training where young people will learn basic coaching skills and theory. They will then have an opportunity to apply what they have learnt on each other with specific goals which could be career, school or family related. Positive psychology interventions will be taught at the end of the session.


Tailor made workshops designed with the client in mind can be delivered to your young people/staff. Past masterclasses delivered have included confidence building, presentation skills and CV building.

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