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What should you look for in an ADHD coach?

Someone who knows and understands ADHD and who you resonate with.  People with ADHD have incredibly fast acting brains with 1000s of ideas whizzing through them daily and it took a while for Michelle to realise that not everyones brain is like that and other people cannot keep up with your speed. Michelle often finds the neurotypical world quite slow as she herself is quite speedy however sometimes it is nice to slow down so she appreciates the benefits of both and of balance.  The reason this is important is because it helps to match the speed and temperament of the ADHD coach you are working with so this is something to look out for.

It is also important to choose someone who is qualified in coaching and who has professional experience and credentials as well as lived experience.  Both are as important as each other.  

The best advice is to choose someone you click with and who gets you but is also qualified to coach and has had many years experience.  Find someone who gets you so that you don’t feel so alone with your differences and maybe who has had similar experiences to you. You want someone who supports and inspires you to grow and be yourself who has lived experience with good enough qualifications to help you through.  And someone who is kind.

What does one to one coaching/ADHD coaching & Brief Solution Focused Therapy involve?

Coaching, ADHD Coaching and BRIEF Solution Focused therapy are very personal processes and what happens in each session will be tailored to you. However, there are is a typical process and certain questions that will be asked within the sessions.


What will the first session involve?

When opening up we recognise the value of feeling comfortable with someone who will understand what you are communicating and who will respond in a way which will help you to understand yourself and help you to make better sense of things. We know from research that the most important part of therapy, is the relationship and being listened to. It is this relationship which will enable you to think about areas of your life that you may never have thought about before and allow you to see things from a different perspective.

We offer an initial appointment which will allow you to meet with Michelle and talk about any issues you have. This will give you a sense as to whether you feel sessions will be helpful and whether Michelle is the right person to help. It will also allow Michelle to begin to build a picture of you and which intervention is most suitable, if at all.  You can decide after this first session if this is something you would like to proceed with or not.