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Anger Management

Many pupils have trouble in controlling their strong feelings and in managing conflict in both school and home settings. The programme will aim to help by:

  • Avoid or manage situations of conflict
  • Understand that he can create change
  • Realise that it is possible to resolve difficulties

In this thoughtful approach to anger management, we will use a teaching and learning model and ‘story’ as the focus of pupil engagement. During the 11-session programme, students will:

  • Understand the causes of anger in a variety of situations
  • Learn about physiological and behavioural aspects of anger
  • Rehearse coping strategies
  • Plan positive responses to provocative situations


  • Enable and encourage students to become reflective regarding his own behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour
  • Enable students to label feelings and know when they may or may not affect both work and relationships
  • Develop students self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Enable students to accept and utilise constructive structured criticism and feedback
  • Encourage students to develop his own self-control and self-management strategies
  • Encourage students to develop empathy and authenticity
  • Enable students to develop flexibility in order to cope more effectively with change and new systems and ways of doing things
  • Help students to develop internal locus of control, i.e. to encourage them to have a sense of control over their own actions
  • Encourage students to develop self-motivation, resilience and a positive attitude
  • Encourage students to learn and make use of alternatives to physical or verbal aggression and to express his feelings and views in a more positive and assertive way
  • Encourage parents and school staff to adopt a consistent approach in terms of developing students emotional literacy, social skills and self-esteem.
  • Promote partnership working between home and school so as to ensure a consistent approach
  • Promote a positive ethos and climate in which the notion of change become a positive daily reality.

This programme can be delivered one to one or in a group.

Total cost for 11 sessions –

£70 pp per session including a parental session pre and post course to ensure strategies are consistently applied. At the end of the sessions, a report will also be provided to staff so strategies can be shared to all parties involved.

There is some flexibility on this price dependant on how many people are within the group. For More Information Please Contact Us