Parent Brief Solution Focused Therapy

Parent Brief Solution Focused Therapy

  • Four sessions of sixty-minute brief solution focused therapy for parents

  • Pre and post-evaluative data provided via Outcome Star ™

  • Resources included

Outline of programme

This programme will provide support for parents who have underlying mental health difficulties to include low self-esteem, anxiety, confidence and relationship and family issues which are impacting on their overall wellbeing and ability to fulfil their potential.                                        

This is an innovative approach to psychotherapy based on solutionbuilding rather than problem-solving (which is the current typical cognitive therapy approach).  Brief Solution Focused Therapy offers a completely different approach it explores current strengths and resources and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes and difficulties.  Brief Solution Focused Therapy supports parents and caregivers to look at what a preferred future might look like and identifies ways in which this is already happening (De Shazer, 2004) This approach has been successful in enhancing resilience and emotional  wellbeing coping and goal attainment; leading to sustainable personal behavioural change.

Parents & caregivers provided with between three and six Brief Solution Focused Therapy sessions achieve up to an 82% success rate. Out of 69 comparison studies, 53 favour Brief Solution Focused Therapy.  Importantly results indicate that BSFT can not only solve a person’s problems but can also improve the person’s ability to solve problems themselves.

What will be the long term benefits of the project?

  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Improved parenting Capacity and family functioning
  • Reduction in Parent Child Conflicts
  • Improved psychosocial functioning and quality of life
  • Significant effect on health, conduct reduces intensity of negative feelings, improves mental health and externalising behavioural problems.

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