Group and 121 sessions for children

Brief solution focused therapy

What is BRIEF Solution Focused Therapy?

BRIEF Solution Focused Therapy looks at the present and the future to solve worries.

The focus is on YOU rather than the problem, on YOUR strengths rather than your weaknesses and on skills and coping abilities that would help YOU in reaching future goals.

How many sessions will I have?

Typically, you will have three-four weekly sessions followed by a follow up session a month later to check in with how you are doing.

This can either be delivered one to one or in a small group (maximum eight people per group).

Who delivers the sessions?

Michelle who is a psychologist who runs Find Your Spark and is trained in BRIEF Solution Focused Therapy. 

She works with children and parents in Colchester and Tendring to help them feel safe, secure, and better in themselves.

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