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Low mental well-being and lack of aspiration are issues some young people face. This is what Find Your Spark aims to raise through positive coaching psychology and career coaching programmes.

We deliver one to one and group positive coaching psychology and career coaching programmes to at-risk 11-25 year olds as well as trainings to their parents and professionals who work with them.  By at-risk we mean any young person who is at-risk of not being in education, employment or training (NEETs).  We also mean at-risk due to familial problems such as stress at home, bereavement, parental separation, ASD or adversity.  This  may be linked to them developing mental health problems.

We work within the South East of England, primarily focused on the areas of Colchester, Tendring and Thurrock.

There is currently not much literature on the use of positive coaching psychology on at-risk young people…until now…

Outcomes of positive coaching psychology include:

  • less behavioural disturbances
  • improvements in their emotional reactions
  • improved relationships with others.
  • identification of strengths and goals
  • increased positive emotion
  • finding purpose and meaning to their lives
  • improved engagement in education

(These outcomes have been found through qualitative Masters research therefore the programme is evidence based. For a copy of this research please contact us here). 


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